By establishing foundations, the company founder Professor Georg Nemetschek wants to dedicate a large part of his life's work to non-profit purposes. He has already established three foundations.

Nemetschek Innovation Foundation

The Nemetschek Innovation Foundation, founded in 2020, aims to promote science and research as well as competence and excellence in the construction industry in the areas of research, teaching, innovation and academic life through financial support. In particular, the institution is intended to help ensure that Germany plays a leading role in the technologically, economically and socially central future field of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is one of the essential pillars of the building industry of the future.

This requires the support of strategic and university research and the promotion of research-oriented teaching and innovation. In order to ensure a solid endowment of resources, endowed professorships and endowed institutes at universities and colleges are financed.

Nemetschek Foundation

Professor Georg Nemetschek Foundation

The "Professor Georg Nemetschek Foundation" was established in 1996 for the benefit of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Munich University of Applied Sciences. Among other things, the foundation made possible the establishment of the iabi Institute for Applied Building Information Technology.