Plus-energy House in Timber Construction

Project: Plus-energy House, Riehen, Switzerland

Award: 2008 Swizz Solar Prize

Architect: Setz Architektur, Rupperswil, Switzerland

Nemetschek brand involved: ALLPLAN

Two-family House as Power Station

The first plus-energy house in Switzerland produces the energy for heating, hot water and household electricity itself by means of a photovoltaic system. The energy it does not require is fed into the local electricity grid - just like a small power station. This surplus energy is made possible through a whole series of measures, from an energy-efficient timber-frame construction and air-tight building shell, a low thermal bridge design and active and passive use of solar energy right through to efficient and energy-saving household appliances. This exemplary project was funded by the Office for Environment and Energy of Basle City and executed as part of the "2000-Watt Society – Pilot Region Basle". In 2008, it won the Swiss Solar Prize.